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About The Company

Minerva Labs was founded in 2014 by former officers of the Israeli Defense Forces whose experience serving in elite cyber forces helped them gain deep knowledge and experience in the endpoint security space.

Our Why:
Minerva built to enable any organization to pre-emptively PREVENT modern Cyber threats regardless of their team’s size, skillset and toolset

Our How: 
Minerva’s unique and patented solution focuses on the malicious software (malware) at the preemptive (beachhead) stage of the attack.

Deployed on the endpoint, The Minerva Armor includes multi-layer prevention engines that creates an environment that neutralize and prevents malicious activity prior the execution phase of the attack. The Multi-layered engines combine advanced prevention oriented cyber warfare approaches such as deterrence-based & active deception, active camouflage, Isolation, virtual patching, vaccination and other anti-evasion capabilities. 

Our What: 
Military grade, Pre-Execution, Active Threat Prevention & Response Platform that protects the organizations’ endpoints from known and unknown Cyber threats include prevention of ransomware, file-less, non-malware based attacks. Zero-days and other modern and evasive threats before any damage has been done (at the beachhead stage) automatically, without any prerequisites or other operational overhead . For managed and unmanaged devices (Zero-Trust & BYOPC).

Minerva Labs has successfully protected hundreds of organizations and millions of endpoints so far.  

In 2020, Minerva Labs was named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in network and endpoint security.

Gartner Coll Vendor 2020 Award
Board Members

Eddy Bobritsky, Co-founder & CEO
Chairman of the Board 

Erez Breiman, Co-founder & CTO
Board Member 

Yuval Cohen, Managing Partner @ StageOne VC
Board Member 

Mike Dauber, Managing Partner @ Amplify Partners
Board Member 

Roy Oron, Managing Partner @ ITI Venture Partners
Board Member


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