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Upcoming Webinar: How to Evaluate Endpoint Security Products | Feb.28th @1pm EST

Get practical tips and tricks for evaluating endpoint security prevention and detection products. We'll share our expertise in malware defenses and product testing.

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Solution Brief: Minerva Labs for Incident Response

Deploying Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform as part of the incident response process helps contain the threat automatically and quickly.

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Solution Brief: Minerva Labs Remote Worker Protection

Remote Worker Protection enables malware-free VPN connections, protecting enterprises from attacks upon initiation of, or during a remote connection.

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Video: Lenny Zeltser’s interview with Enterprise Security Weekly

Watch Lenny Zeltser's interview with Paul Asadoorian and John Strand from Security Weekly about Minerva's Anti-Malware solution

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Webinar: Covering the AV Gap -The Role of Anti-Evasion and Other Approaches

Understand the pros and cons of various AV augmentation technologies and discover how anti-evasion improves your security posture in a meaningful way.

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Evasive malware: How and why your anti-malware strategy needs to evolve beyond Anti-Virus

Discover the reasons why evasion techniques work, even with a layered defense approach and how to evolve your endpoint protection strategy, to cover the gap.

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Malicious Document Prevention

Prevent attacks that hide in malicious documents and safely use the full capabilities of day-to-day business apps.

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Minerva Labs Research Report: 2017 Year in Review

End of the year offers an opportunity to reflect upon the key events that have shaped 2017 and set the direction for 2018.

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Infographic: 2017 - The Year Malware Went More Evasive

Here are the key takeaways of Minerva’s research into the malware families that were prevalent in 2017.

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A SANS Institute Product Review

See how Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform performed in the SANS Institute test

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Webinar: A Year in Review, 2017 Through the Eyes of Minerva Labs

Join Gal Bitensky, Minerva Labs' Senior Security Researcher, who reviews the key trends of 2017, their lasting impact and how these could influence what happens in 2018.

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Solution Brief: Minerva Safeguards VDI Environments from Unknown Threats

See how Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform makes it highly effective for safeguarding Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments and individual virtual desktops.

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Case Study: Worldwide Shipping Company Guards Thousands of Endpoints Against Ransomware

Minerva Labs blocked more than 95% of attempted attacks. Because fewer infections were able to take hold, the CISO’s team didn’t need to investigate endpoints or reinstall them, saving significant time and resources.

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SANS Webinar - Using Anti-Evasion to Block Stealth Attacks

This webcast will explain a unique approach to preventing evasive malware from infecting endpoints.

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Video: Integrating Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform with McAfee

Watch a demo of how Minerva Labs Anti-Evasion Platform boosts your endpoint security when integrated with McAfee and enhances your investment

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Solution Brief: Minerva for Critical Infrastructure

Malicious attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) environments are on the rise.

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Whitepaper: Making Sense of Endpoint Security

For security architects, endpoint security can be a confusing space. We will make sense of the options available to organizations seeking to improve their endpoint security.

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Video: Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with SecurityGuyTV at #SANS Network Security, Las Vegas

Check out Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with huck Harold of SecurityGuyTV about Minerva's Anti-Evasion platform and the NEW Malware vaccination module

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Whitepaper: The Past, Present & Future of Endpoint Malware Vaccination

Read this whitepaper and get a brief history of endpoint malware vaccination and how incident response teams can immunize endpoints in moments to contain outbreaks.

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Webinar: Safeguarding Endpoints with Vaccination

Learn more about how to immunize endpoints in moments by simulating infection markers across all enterprise endpoints.

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Brochure: Endpoint Malware Vaccination

Prevent outbreaks & contain threats by simulating infection markers on endpoints

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Customer Brief: ECI Relies on Minerva’s Innovative Malware Prevention Solution

ECI’s internal cyber security program has to be exemplary to ensure no internal breaches.

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Brochure: Ransomware Protection for Apple macOS

Adversaries have recognized that Apple macOS systems present a new lucrative market and revenue stream.

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Video: Preventing the Exploitation of Outlook Forms

Fileless attacks are on the rise. See how one of the latest attacks is prevented where detection tools failed.

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Webinar: How to Beat Evasive Malware at Its Own Game

Learn more about how to turn malware strengths into weaknesses by using a deception approach on endpoints.

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Video: Stop NotPetya with a prevention-first approach

In June 2017, a new variant of ransomware, now dubbed NotPetya, was used for a global cyber-attack. Minerva's Anti-Evasion Platform blocks NotPetya's malicio...


Brochure: Ransomware Protection

Learn how to stop time on ransomware and avoid paying the ransom.

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Brochure: Anti-Evasion Brochure

Block unknown threats that are designed to evade your existing defenses.

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Video: Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly

Check out Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly about where people should focus their efforts in endpoint threat protection, detection and reaction.

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Webinar: Evasive malware is everywhere

Learn more about evasive malware in our webinar co-hosted with SANS Institute.

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Video: Cybox Cybertech 2016

Eddy Bobritsky, Minerva Labs CEO, presents Minerva Labs' solution at the Cybertech 2016 Cybox contest.

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Video: Demo #3 - IronGate

A demonstration of IronGate, a SCADA targeted malware.

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Video: Demo #1 - Packed Petya

A demonstration of the Petya ransomware combined with a common packing technology.

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Video: Demo #2 - Evasive Ransomware

Here we demonstrate of the Locky ransomware using evasive techniques

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Video: Ransomware - A Threat Prevented

Comparison and demonstration of two environments

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Video: Minerva Intro

Minerva give the CISO a peace of mind by preventing cyber-attacks without the need for prior detection.

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Whitepaper: Introduction to Evasive Techniques

Evasion techniques are a set of malware capabilities that evolved as a result of the need to avoid execution within a hostile environment.

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Brochure: Memory Injection Prevention

Minerva offers a unique solution that prevents and mitigates memory injection attacks

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Whitepaper: Minerva’s 2016 Year in Review

This paper will go through the prominent cases the team observed during 2016 providing a wider perspective to the reader.

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