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Video: CoinMiners are Evasive

Watch Omri Moyal, Co-Founder & VP Research at Minerva Labs and Thomas Roccia, Security Researcher at McAfee give a deep dive into the uncharted of CoinMiners stealth tactics.

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Video: GhostMiner: Cryptomining Goes Fileless

Watch Security Researcher Asaf Aprozper dissect the GhostMiner campaign and explains how fileless malware techniques were used to launch a cryptomining campaign that went undetected by most AV vendors.

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Video: Lenny Zeltserand Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with Enterprise Security Weekly

Watch Security Weekly's recent interview with Lenny Zeltser and Eddy Bobritsky and learn how to test and evaluate endpoint security products.

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Video: Boosting your endpoint security ecosystem

Evasive malware can easily hide in packers to avoid your endpoint security solutions. See how Minerva prevents fileless attacks and adds a critical defense layer to your endpoint security stack.

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Video: Lenny Zeltser’s interview with Enterprise Security Weekly

Watch Lenny Zeltser's interview with Paul Asadoorian and John Strand from Security Weekly about Minerva's Anti-Malware solution

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Video: Integrating Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform with McAfee

Watch a demo of how Minerva Labs Anti-Evasion Platform boosts your endpoint security when integrated with McAfee and enhances your investment

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Video: Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with SecurityGuyTV at #SANS Network Security, Las Vegas

Check out Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with huck Harold of SecurityGuyTV about Minerva's Anti-Evasion platform and the NEW Malware vaccination module

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Video: Preventing the Exploitation of Outlook Forms

Fileless attacks are on the rise. See how one of the latest attacks is prevented where detection tools failed.

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Video: Stop NotPetya with a prevention-first approach

In June 2017, a new variant of ransomware, now dubbed NotPetya, was used for a global cyber-attack. Minerva's Anti-Evasion Platform blocks NotPetya's malicio...


Video: Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly

Check out Eddy Bobritsky’s interview with Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly about where people should focus their efforts in endpoint threat protection, detection and reaction.

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Video: Cybox Cybertech 2016

Eddy Bobritsky, Minerva Labs CEO, presents Minerva Labs' solution at the Cybertech 2016 Cybox contest.

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Video: Demo #3 - IronGate

A demonstration of IronGate, a SCADA targeted malware.

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Video: Demo #1 - Packed Petya

A demonstration of the Petya ransomware combined with a common packing technology.

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Video: Demo #2 - Evasive Ransomware

Here we demonstrate of the Locky ransomware using evasive techniques

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Video: Ransomware - A Threat Prevented

Comparison and demonstration of two environments

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Video: Minerva Intro

Minerva give the CISO a peace of mind by preventing cyber-attacks without the need for prior detection.

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