Minerva’s Story

In the world of cyber security there is no time to waste. Zero day vulnerabilities and critical alerts keep security professionals busy around the clock, and the sense of urgency never fades. Security professionals struggle with securing their network, deploying a vast array of cyber security tools. But, instead of relieving their stress, every new tool creates another constant stream of alerts, often wasting the security teams’ time and increasing their frustration.

Even worse, the whole time they are chasing these alerts, everywhere they turn, they are being told that a breach is inevitable. It’s no wonder security professionals always feel like they’re playing catch up, chasing after malware that has already infiltrated their systems, never knowing where or when the next attack will come. Something had to change.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
- Benjamin Franklin -

Minerva stops the clock on malware
Early detection tools are only good enough when you don’t have a better solution. Minerva’s patent pending solution delivers prevention before detection. Minerva keeps malware in a constant sleep state before it can infiltrate your network and cause any damage. This allows security professionals to mitigate on their own time, confident that the malware poses no threat, and stop chasing after false-positive alerts, because there are no alerts.

The Minerva team

Eddy Bobritsky // Co-Founder, CEO
Cyber and Information Security Expert with 13+ years of experience. After 7 years in different cyber units at the Israeli Navy and the general forces, Eddy was self-employed, senior consultant for the defense and finance industries, leading country level cyber security projects. During the military service as an officer, he and Minerva’s CTO Erez Breiman led the largest endpoint protection project in Israel, where they defined the needs, tested potential solutions, led the implementation processes on hundreds of thousands of endpoints and later maintain the system.  Eddy understands the cyber security world inside and out, and is passionate about creating disruptive innovations. Eddy’s main goal is to 'keep things simple' in order to help businesses operate seamlessly, which is why he started Minerva Labs. Eddy has Master's degree in Business Management and Information Technology.

Erez Breiman // Co-Founder, CTO
Security-oriented Software Architect and Expert Developer with 13+ years of experience. Erez specializes in IT security, agile development and the integration of endpoint security solutions in large networks. He and Minerva CEO Eddy Bobritsky led Israel’s largest endpoint protection project. He previously served as a Software Architect at CyberArk, a billion-dollar cyber security company, and contributed to design their core product line. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer and Information Sciences, with an emphasis on Systems and Applications, from the Open University of Israel.

Omri Moyal // Co-Founder, VP Research
Born with a curiosity for learning how things work and a passion for assessing and dissecting them. Malware Researcher and Threat Intelligence expert with global experience in military, industrial, intelligence, communication and financial organizations. Expertise as a testing provider of advanced malware solutions in both laboratory and enterprise production environments.

J.J. Singley // VP of Sales
J.J. is a proven sales leader with 20 years of experience building and leading high-performance sales teams to deliver rapid growth at industry leading organizations. Prior to joining Minerva J.J. led the Global 500 sales organization at Dell Secureworks achieving exceptional growth and contributing over $150M in annual sales. Prior to Secureworks J.J. held leadership positions at Qualys, Cybertrust/Verizon and Symantec. J.J. has a passion for bringing disruptive solutions to market and helping enterprises take advantage of these solutions. J.J. holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Georgia State University.

Advisory team

Ameet Patel is a seasoned investor & noted advisor to early stage and high growth technology companies with a focus on business models that create disruption and revolutionize enterprise computing markets. Currently a senior advisor at TPG Growth, Ameet was previously an EIR/Venture Partner at Meritech Capital Partners. He was also CTO at JPMC, as well as Managing Executive of LabMorgan, and SVP & Chief Architect of Chase Consumer Business.

Steve Dickson previously led the Microsoft Windows Management business within the Dell Software Group. Prior to this role he served as SVP and GM of the Windows Management business unit at Quest Software. During his tenure at Quest he also held the position of Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Microsoft Management Solutions, and Vice President of Sales for the Western Region. Steve Dickson served as Chairman of the Quest Corporate Charity Committee from 2009 until it was acquired by Dell in 2012. Dickson holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Weber State University and a master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University in Southern California.

Lenny Zeltser is a seasoned business and tech leader with extensive experience in information technology and security. A Director of Product Management at a Fortune 500 company, he heads the software and services group addressing customers' data protection needs. Previously, Lenny led the enterprise security consulting practice at a major cloud services provider. A frequent public speaker whose articles are widely distributes, Lenny has also co-authored books on network security and malicious software interests and trains professionals in digital forensics and incident response at SANS Institute. An MBA degree from MIT Sloan, a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania and he has earned the prestigious GIAC Security Expert designation from SANS Institute as well as a member of the Board of Directors at SANS Technology Institute.


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