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Webinar: Why Do Malicious Office Documents Keep Infecting Me?

Learn what you can do to stop malicious office documents from infecting your endpoints and reduce your organization's vulnerability.

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Webinar: A CISO's 7 Rules For Evaluating Security Solutions

Join James Rutt, CIO at The Dana Foundation, as he shares his 7 rules for evaluating security solutions and how these apply to different security solutions he recently implemented in the organization.

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Security Weekly Webcast: The State of EDR

Watch this webcast with Lenny Zeltser, Mike Nichols, Mike Scutt, & Paul Asadoorian to learn how to conduct a proper evaluation of your endpoint security strategy.

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Webinar: The State of Endpoint Security in Addressing Malware

Watch Lenny Zeltser, Minerva’s VP of Products, as he reviews our recent survey’s findings and shares his analysis of the responses.

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Webinar: The Rise of Malicious Cryptomining

Join Omry Moyal to learn practical tips and tricks on how to block malicious cryptominers.

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Webinar: The MSPs Guide to Setting Up Cost-Effective IT Security

Join Lenny Zeltser who will share his expertise in this field and explain the role that MSPs can play in safeguarding customers’ IT infrastructure.

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Webinar: How to Evaluate Endpoint Security Products

Get practical tips and tricks for evaluating endpoint security prevention and detection products. We'll share our expertise in malware defenses and product testing.

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Webinar: Covering the AV Gap -The Role of Anti-Evasion and Other Approaches

Understand the pros and cons of various AV augmentation technologies and discover how anti-evasion improves your security posture in a meaningful way.

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Webinar: A Year in Review, 2017 Through the Eyes of Minerva Labs

Join Gal Bitensky, Minerva Labs' Senior Security Researcher, who reviews the key trends of 2017, their lasting impact and how these could influence what happens in 2018.

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SANS Webinar - Using Anti-Evasion to Block Stealth Attacks

This webcast will explain a unique approach to preventing evasive malware from infecting endpoints.

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Webinar: Safeguarding Endpoints with Vaccination

Learn more about how to immunize endpoints in moments by simulating infection markers across all enterprise endpoints.

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Webinar: How to Beat Evasive Malware at Its Own Game

Learn more about how to turn malware strengths into weaknesses by using a deception approach on endpoints.

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Webinar: Evasive malware is everywhere

Learn more about evasive malware in our webinar co-hosted with SANS Institute.

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