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Whitepaper: The Role of Windows Defender Technologies in an Endpoint Security Architecture

Microsoft's Windows Defender naming can be confusing. With 12 distinct technologies, what role does each play in your endpoint security architecture? What are their dependencies and restrictions?

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Whitepaper: Malware and the Hidden Cost of Adding Security to Your MSP Practice

Discover the challenges and opportunities MSPs are facing with putting essential security in place, how to avoid the hidden costs and ensure reliability, predictability, productivity, and profitability.

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Evasive malware: How and why your anti-malware strategy needs to evolve beyond Anti-Virus

Discover the reasons why evasion techniques work, even with a layered defense approach and how to evolve your endpoint protection strategy, to cover the gap.

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A SANS Institute Product Review

See how Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform performed in the SANS Institute test

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Whitepaper: Making Sense of Endpoint Security

For security architects, endpoint security can be a confusing space. We will make sense of the options available to organizations seeking to improve their endpoint security.

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Whitepaper: The Past, Present & Future of Endpoint Malware Vaccination

Read this whitepaper and get a brief history of endpoint malware vaccination and how incident response teams can immunize endpoints in moments to contain outbreaks.

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Whitepaper: Introduction to Evasive Techniques

Evasion techniques are a set of malware capabilities that evolved as a result of the need to avoid execution within a hostile environment.

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