Application Whitelisting

Anti-malware protection that fits today’s business dynamics

Application whitelisting (a.k.a. application control) is one strategy to safeguard the endpoint by blocking all applications unless they have been explicitly allowed by the organization. It offers an augmentation layer, deployed together with baseline antivirus. Yet this approach to strengthening endpoint security can be impractical in a dynamic business environment and resource intense to maintain on enterprise systems. Moreover, application whitelisting will not block some of the more prominent threats today, such as those that employ the following characteristics:

Malicious documents that infect systems without launching blacklisted applications

Scripts that are executed by trusted applications, such as PowerShell or Command Prompt

Digitally-signed malware that employs a certificate approved by the enterprise

Malicious software that runs in trusted processes to inject itself, e.g. fileless malware

Covering the gap AV leaves behind

Minerva Labs covers the malware gap left by other anti-malware tools with an approach that is both simple operationally and elegant in its efficacy. By simulating an environment that prevents malware from ever executing, Minerva blocks threats on the endpoint before any damage is ever done. If the endpoint is attacked by commodity malware, your baseline protection will block it, should the malware be evasive, hiding from your security defenses until it’s safe to strike, it will be stopped by Minerva.

The advantages of Minerva’s approach to endpoint protection over other AV augmentation solutions include:

Minerva is agnostic to business application or process changes.
Business users remain productive – Minerva’s agent is extremely lightweight (less than 0.03% CPU) and doesn’t crash machines or legitimate applications
Minerva is fast and easy to deploy across endpoints, supporting both old and new Windows OS via a single agent
Minerva protects endpoints from sophisticated malware that hides in legitimate processes or documents

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