Replace Application Whitelisting

A modern approach to augment baseline antivirus protection

Application whitelisting, sometimes called application control, is one strategy to safeguard the endpoint from scenarios where antivirus is ineffective. This approach blocks all applications unless they have been explicitly allowed by the organization. Yet this method can be impractical in dynamic business environments of modern enterprises. Moreover, application whitelisting is often ineffective against today’s prominent threats, such as those that exhibit fileless properties, which include abusing malicious documents or launching trusted applications.

A more practical approach to covering the AV gap

Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform covers the malware gap left by other anti-malware tools without the drawbacks of application whitelisting. Minerva’s approach works in modern dynamic environments, is effective against today’s threats, avoids interfering with business activities and lacks the maintenance burden associated with application whitelisting. By simulating an environment that prevents malware from ever executing, Minerva causes malware to terminate itself or break if it attempts to get around security tools. This method directly addresses the AV gap, seamlessly augmenting the efforts of the systems’ baseline anti-malware protection.

The advantages of Minerva’s approach to endpoint protection over other AV augmentation solutions include:

Minerva is agnostic to business application or process changes
Business users remain productive – Minerva’s agent is extremely lightweight and doesn’t crash machines or legitimate applications
Minerva is fast and easy to deploy across endpoints, supporting both old and new Windows OS via a single agent and even working offline
Minerva protects endpoints from sophisticated malware that hides in legitimate processes or documents

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Minerva provides reliable and comprehensive safeguards against ATM malware.

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