Put a Stop to Fileless Malware

Prevent memory injection attacks and PowerShell abuse

Fileless malware is increasingly successful and keeping many security professionals busy. By never writing itself to disk, fileless malware is highly successful at evading many types of detection, as this is where many security technologies usually look for malware. Even modern endpoint solutions find it hard to spot malware hiding itself in what seems like legitimate processes. From using PowerShell and other administrative tools, to abusing capabilities of web browsers and document files, fileless attacks put endpoints at risk.

Don’t be fooled by legitimate processes. Prevent fileless malware.

Minerva Labs’ Memory Injection Prevention capabilities block fileless and other memory- resident malware from compromising endpoints. Rather than trying to detect fileless threats, Minerva tricks them regarding their ability to access needed resources, such as PowerShell or the targeted process. This stops the attack before any damage is done. Minerva’s underlying approach is about tricking malware as to its environment to block an attack. Fileless malware does not write anything to disk, rather it tries to hide in memory. By analyzing the series of actions that a piece of code does we intercept the malicious code and respond with an ‘out of memory space’ or ‘access denied to powershell’ to block the attack before it starts. Now you can put prevention first rather than rely on detection-based or behavioral patterns to detect fileless patterns. Minerva ensures that the only code that runs in memory is the code that originated from disk, making fileless attacks ineffective.

Key benefits include:

Prevent fileless malware without relying on behavioral patterns that result in false positives and drain resources
A passive solution that doesn’t impact system performance and works on old and new systems
Prevents fileless attacks that even try to hide in legitimate and trusted applications

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