Threat Containment During Incident Response

Immunize endpoints to stop malware in its tracks

When malware finds its way into the enterprise, incident responders need to react quickly to locate and contain the threat on its path towards eradicating it from the environment. Armed solely with investigative Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and forensics tools, incident response (IR) teams often resort to taking affected systems offline or whole network segments, which is highly disruptive to business users. They also find themselves having to take manual action to terminate the offensive processes and eradicate the threat. This is a time-consuming, error-prone effort that requires deep expertise and can quickly drain the individuals involved in the efforts that often feel like the game of Whac-A- Mole. Minerva offers a more automated and precise way to contain incidents.

Take control of the incident quickly and without disruptions

While Minerva Labs is often deployed as a proactive measure to strengthen endpoint security across the enterprise, it is also a powerful tool in the hands of an incident response team reacting to an intrusion. Minerva not only disables malware that bypassed security controls, it can also step in after an outbreak to give responders time to contain and eradicate the threat. This includes the ability to automatically disarm malware, containing the threat without having to take the system offline. Minerva also offers the ability to generate vaccines for the malware in case of an outbreak, so that such samples refuse to run on the endpoint because they “believe” the system is already infected.

Key benefits to incident response teams:

Quickly neutralize active threats without manually interacting with malware and without having to take the endpoint off the network.
Immunize endpoints to buy you time while containing and eradicating the threat without disruption to business operations.
Contain attacks without being intrusive on the endpoint, colliding with existing tools or impacting end user performance
Deploy safeguards across enterprise endpoints within minutes without the need to reboot systems

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